Kindergarten Kid


As of last week, Kindergarten is in full swing! What a difference a year makes — Emerson spent her last week as a five-year old full of confidence and total excitement for the start of a new year. While much has changed at Spirit Lake elementary over the past 25 years, some things have not changed at all… such as Mrs. Hegeman. I never in a million years thought I’d be able to say Emerson and I had the same kindergarten teacher! It fills my mom heart to see her skip down those halls and into her classroom every morning and up to this point I still get a big hug before she leaves me to start her...

Christmas (2015) in July

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Here I am, wondering how I’ll ever get this blog caught up after a nearly year-long pause…. what better place to start than Christmas? Now that we’re well over 6 months past the holidays, the stress has been forgotten and the amazingness has lingered. This past year was especially great as we got the one thing we wanted but the last thing we expected…. my sister. My dad seamlessly pulled off the surprise of a lifetime. After a lot of deliberation Jory had decided she wouldn’t make it home from North Carolina for Christmas. This would be a first and our spirits were low. Little did we know she and my dad...

Go Emme, It’s Your Birthday!


There are just too many awesome things about turning 5! Forget about nap time — you get to start school, your brain is exploding with knowledge, you make new friends, you can refill your cup all by yourself since you can now reach the water dispenser, you invent and create party machines and alphabet games, you make your own sandwiches, animals and art are still your passions, you’re very serious about keeping up with sweeping the leaves off the deck, your self-confidence and independence are growing by the day, but you still love to sneak in bed with me every night for a good snuggle. We celebrated the birthday girl this year with...

5 Year Wisdom

I have to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell anybody! Today at school, I got engaged! Boys are mean and then they want to be your girlfriend!

TK: School Pride


September has left me feeling overwhelmed and unorganized in the midst of change and yet blissfully happy at the same time. So many proud mom moments already since my wild thing turned five earlier in the month. Exactly one week before her birthday was the first day of school or what I like to call “When we got our groove back.” Emerson’s excitement over going to school has been contagious and I definitely feel as though she’s in exactly the right place this school year. We finally have the structure that we’ve both been craving but didn’t have the willpower to enforce on ourselves. I’ve discovered a deep sense of satisfaction in packing E’s lunch,...