18 Months: A Day in the Life

Today I stalked Emerson with the camera to capture her latest and greatest! It’s been a while since I’ve shared any milestone updates, so today I made a point to follow Emerson around with my camera to show you what she’s been up to…

She’s been very interested in arranging, stacking, re-arranging and grouping objects lately. With a little help from Grandpa, this is the makings of a foam shapes tower —  I imagine someday all 84 pieces will be stacked!

After breakfast we said goodbye to Grandpa Gene and his beard until the next visit. I’m sure he was ready to get home and relax after all the playing and odd-jobs we kept him busy with.

While I made lunch Emerson lounged in her stroller and had a little snack of Goldfish. This is a handy way to keep her contained plus she loves climbing into it herself. Who knew the snack container is also a great place for feet!?

Macaroni and cheese for lunch! No big deal, Mom! I’m gifted with a fork!

On an average day the crayons come out anywhere from 3-5 times.

E is crazy about drinking water out of a cup and it looks as though all that practice in the bathtub has paid off (she thinks the purpose of bath time is to swallow as much water as possible when mom isn’t looking). Speaking of baths, the couch must have needed one. Looks like it’s time to change out of p.j.’s.

Next on the agenda: people watching! She loves to sit in her chair and either yell, ‘Hi’ or bark at people and dogs walking by our house.

It was an overcast but nice day today so we went for a walk in hopes of inducing an afternoon nap. It worked wonderfully!

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