2 Year Truths

Truth:  24 pounds (25th percentile) / 35.5 inches (98th percentile)

Truth:  Experiences sudden and unpredictable urges to remove diaper.

Truth:  Counting fingers sounds like this, “eight, nine, eight, nine, EIGHT!”

Truth:  She named all of her babies ‘Amanda.’

Truth:  Big into singing, especially ‘Single Ladies,’ ‘Ring Around the Rosie,’ and ‘ABC’s.’

Truth:  Prolongs bedtime by asking for milk or water every night.

Truth:  She would live outside in her beem (swing). Tears ensue at the end of this activity.

Truth:  Any colorful animal/puppet monster on TV is automatically Elmo.

Truth:  Escaping through the sliding patio door is a daily activity.

Truth:  Cries for Papa when she knows she’s in trouble with me.

Truth:  Still sleeps with a finger in her belly button.

Truth:  Loves stickers; loves placing them directly on top of each other.

Truth: Helps mom by turning lights off/on, dusting, starting the dishwasher and feeding Bela.

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    I recognized her love for placing stickers on top of one another on the thank you card we received. Too cute!

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