A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Another birthday came and went and as far as I know, we all survived… although a little extra sleep would go a long way! Emerson turned four on Sunday and took advantage of every possible minute of her special day beginning at about 5:45 am. We like to sleep in around here so she must have been psyched out of her mind for the big birthday. Even in complete darkness she noticed her room had been filled with balloons right off the bat and asked, “Mommy, why are there so many balloons in my room?” To which I replied, “It’s just a dream, go back to sleep.” I’m obviously no match for her four-year-old wit as she stated, “Oh, they’re just here for my birthday today.” Duh, mom. She was also thrilled to find a shiny new bike parked amidst the balloons. “My new bike has its own purse, mom!” She’s yet to ride the bike, but after breakfast the ‘purse’ was filled with treasures and pushed down the hallway.

IMG_1790IMG_3830 IMG_1689

Meggie came over before the party to give a special manicure to the birthday girl. Emerson found 3 new colors in the bike purse earlier so you know each color was equally represented… let’s not forget to mention E’s arm tat. It’s not a true birthday party without some new ink!

IMG_1709 IMG_1699

Birthday brunch consisted of donut holes, cinnamon and caramel rolls, mini-muffins, fruit, and egg bake with o.j. and coffee… lots of coffee. I finally had a good excuse to invite some people over and E went bananas when her cousins, Jackson and Etta arrived. I was pretty happy myself to have some of my favorite people hang out for the morning!

IMG_1738IMG_1753IMG_1726 IMG_1713 IMG_1778IMG_1734
IMG_1744 IMG_1720

By the time her guests went home, the zombie birthday girl was stripped of her strawberry-nail polish-dirt-covered party dress and put to bed for a long nap! She was beyond exhausted but the happiest 4-year-old in the whole wide world! She had such a blast and I’m so thankful for everyone who contributed to her special day!

IMG_1769 IMG_1785

Just for fun, let’s turn back the clock a whole year and see just how much growing this girl really did… too big, too fast!

IMG_0755 IMG_1867

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