Birthday Week

What a week it was! I haven’t stopped stuttering yet over Emerson’s age… out with ‘3’ and in with ‘4’ is a tough concept  for me. An even tougher concept? Out with the warm and in with the cold! With temps dipping down as low as 35 degrees last week, I’m missing the summer months already. We’re definitely getting excited for some fun fall activities and breaking out the winter wardrobe…. not so bad, right? I am proud to report that the unseasonably cold weather didn’t stop us from a few outdoor activities last week.

After a nice birthday snooze last Sunday, we visited the Clay County fair. Em couldn’t quite get over the smell of the cattle, but loved seeing all of the horses and had no trouble picking out her favorites. The sheep were too loud, the pigs were too stinky, but the ducks and chicks were just the right amount of cute. In fact, she’s still reminding me how much she would like to own some baby chicks… someday, kid! Other highlights included the train display, climbing the display farm equipment, dancing with a corn dog, and winning the fishing game! You better believe I got what I came for too — a bag of mini donuts. It turned out to be a great night at the fair!

IMG_3853 IMG_3871 IMG_3883 IMG_3887 IMG_3895 IMG_3909 IMG_3935 IMG_3940

We had more birthday fun at Gaga and Papa’s house on Monday with cake and presents! I think she was more into licking the birthday candles than eating any cake at all… frosting yes, cake no.

IMG_1803 IMG_1820

Later in the week we bundled up to take her new bike for a spin around the patio. She’s not real keen on having to pedal so I pushed her around a few laps until finally she asked if we could get cheeseburgers… pretty good idea if you ask me.

IMG_3962 IMG_3957

And of course I have to keep up-to-date on my handsome little Bela. He hated the cold and snuggled all week with anything and everything he could find. I caught him shivering and knew sweater weather was upon us.

IMG_3972 IMG_3994

And as for me, I finished the week out with a few of these tasty little things. I would choose pumpkin beer over pumpkin latte any day of the week!



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