‘Bubbas’ and Surprises!

In all the drama of the past week I forgot to mention Emerson has expanded her vocabulary to include the word ‘Bubba’ (bubble)! When we wash our hands, do dishes or take baths, ‘Bubbas’ are on her mind! It’s very cute because she holds out her hand and waits to be given some bubbles to play with. Very fun!

A package for Emerson arrived today from Courtney and Andy! It really couldn’t have come at a better time as it lifted her spirits and distracted her from relentless teething pains. She had a ball tearing open the tissue paper and continued to move it in and out of the box long after the gifts were open. Each little treasure was greeted with great enthusiasm — especially the card which held her concentration for several minutes. Thank you guys so much; it was a wonderful surprise today!

We ended the day with a nice stroll to the square and a lot of fresh air. The ground is starting to fill up with leaves, so we took advantage while the weather is still so lovely! Emme explored the park but was more interested in crawling down the sidewalk than anything else. As usual, my passengers doubled by the end of the walk; Bela is not as fit as he once was.

'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba' 'Bubba'

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    Yay, thanks for posting the pics! Sorry I couldn’t answer the phone, I was at a birthday party. Hope the teething stops giving her such trouble, I love seeing her walking around!

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    Adorable, as always! I LOVE the picture with her throwing leaves!!! She’s growing so fast!

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