Chatty Cathy

As a new mom I often dream about what the future holds for my sweet, innocent, perfect baby.  Not only what path she’ll follow through life, but what kind of person she’ll be along the way. It seems like everyday I’m amazed by something new; today it happens to be the wonderful personality spilling out of my tiny little girl. I am loving the suspense of watching her grow little by little and am inspired by her sweet yet curious disposition.
Becoming a mom is a funny thing. For two months I looked for sleep in every possible nook and cranny. Now that Emerson is finally sleeping 6+ hours through the night I find myself waking up and waiting anxiously for her to need me. Last night was a prime example. I look at the clock. 4:15 am. I lay in bed wondering if it would be unwise to quietly wait for her to wake up…. or maybe I should recognize this as a blessing and get a little more sleep. By 4:30 she was awake too. I changed her diaper and tried to feed her but quickly got the impression she wanted something more than this. What else could a child of this age want…. I wondered while she squeaked and squawked and then I realized how simple it really was. She wanted to chat. So chat we did! When I finally caught on she smiled and giggled and went on telling me a long and animated story that I can only imagine was something completely wonderful. Nic and I laughed and wondered if she had woken the neighbors – the volume of her voice was that loud. She talked herself to sleep while I lied there dreaming of more nights just like that one.

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    What an amazing personality. Babies amaze me! Watch out – she'll be racking up a cell phone bill before you know it!

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