Easter Bunny Bonanza

The only day of the year Emerson will go near eggs: Easter! After a yummy family dinner and cheesecake, Em finally got to have her egg hunt. She’d been looking into the whereabouts of her Easter eggs from last year for quite some time, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to this holiday myself. She shrieked with delight while running through the yard collecting all 58 eggs. There’s definitely something to be said about the weather allowing us to hunt eggs outside — it was the epitome of a perfect day at a whopping 75 degrees! IMG_2107 IMG_2122 IMG_2138 IMG_2163 IMG_2152 IMG_2161

After all the eggs were opened and their contents were sorted out, E had a quick nap while we prepared the scavenger hunt that led to her Easter baskets! I really think she put the ‘tuck’ into ‘tuckered out’. Who sleeps like this?IMG_1561

The Santa Scavenge we put together for Christmas was such a hit there was no way we’d skimp for Easter. This scavenge included more clues and a bonus round because as predicted, she asked to do it again! Don’t be surprised if I start incorporating a scavenger hunt into her birthdays as well…. we’re both obsessed and it makes for quite the fun little tradition.IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1592 IMG_1607

Anyone notice the Easter egg sticker that somehow made it’s way into E’s hair during her nap? Easter hair, don’t care! As for the ‘grown-up’ egg hunt, we had an honorary ‘Naber Girl’ present to fill in for Jory because only Meghan made it home. Once again, Meghan dominated and found more than double the eggs as I did…. there’s always next year! Prizes were amazing as always and thankfully Jory could Facetime with us during all the fun.IMG_1541 IMG_1545

We hope everyone enjoyed Easter Sunday as much as we did! It was a beautiful day – inside and out!

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