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As I’ve been feeling so thankful for this beautiful miracle, all concept of time has completely escaped me! So much has happened since my last post. After months of anticipation, Emerson Eleanor was finally born! I went into labor at midnight on September 7 and spent the next 6.5 hours pacing around our apartment and bouncing around on an exercise ball. Before we left for the hospital I took Bela for one last walk, kissed him good-bye, and let my mom know the time had come – thinking there would be several hours of grueling labor ahead of me and plenty of time for her to get to Pella before the baby would arrive. What happened next is a complete blur.  I was admitted into the hospital at 7 am and by 9:49 am Emerson had made her big entrance! She was bright-eyed and full of personality from the minute I first laid eyes on her. Perfect in every way, she was 6 lbs 9 oz and 19.5 in long. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful pregnancy from start to finish.

HospitalHospital HospitalHospital

The next week was full of visits from family and friends; it was especially wonderful to have two sets of moms and my sisters around right away to meet our darling baby. They’re all crazy about her and I can already see that she’ll be one spoiled child. We spent a few extra days in the hospital because Emerson developed jaundice. It was difficult not knowing how long it would be until she was healthy enough to go home but comforting to stay with her in the hospital and feel that she was well cared for.

Glow WormGlow Worm

The following Saturday she was finally discharged and we came home to meet big brother, Bela. He was immediately nervous around her but it wasn’t long until he became her watch dog and protector. He takes his role very seriously, perhaps too seriously – I can tell he’s exhausted by the long hours he puts in guarding.

Best FriendsOur first few weeks home were spent adjusting to our new lives as parents and learning that I actually can survive on only a few hours of sleep per day; although, I don’t recommend it. Sleep deprivation and hormonal imbalance are quite the combination. There’s nothing that could have possibly prepared me for the emotional and physical changes that were to occur during those first weeks — I leaned heavy on God and my family and it passed just as everything else does. Every dirty diaper, every yawn, every tear, and every squeal – these are true blessings!



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    Congratulations Amanda and Nic! You have written exactly how I've also felt the first few weeks of parenthood…it is nothing you can prepare for but such a blessing 🙂 Enjoy motherhood!!

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