End of the Day (Week)

Last weekend we got to pretend it was spring for one day before it snowed again on Sunday (for the last time, right?). I love that E thinks the weekend is called the ‘end of the day.’ Here’s how it all went down…

Emerson ate a pound of strawberries…IMG_2022

… watched Cinderella while getting a pretty pink mani/pedi…IMG_2028 IMG_2033

… had a sweet nap with a picture of a cake that she tore out of a magazine and has been obsessing over ever since…IMG_2036

… convinced me to take her to Arnold’s Park (poor thing didn’t believe me that it wasn’t open yet)…IMG_2043 IMG_2046

… hit up the playground and gave her mama a heart attack when she almost toppled over the side of a big slide (not pictured)…IMG_2048

… and paraded around with a giant Blow-Pop that I thought I had hidden pretty well.IMG_2053 IMG_2062

Another weekend will be here before we know it! We’re very excited for Easter and to see Mimi and Meggie!

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