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What I’ve learned: Announcing that your baby is sleeping through the night will do nothing but jinx the situation. Don’t ever admit she’s sleeping through the night, or you’ll pay. Several months ago I wrote about how well Emerson was sleeping through the night. Since then she hasn’t slept through one single night. A few weeks ago I wrote that she was sleeping from 9 to 3. Since then she’s been sleeping from 10 to 12. After 6 months of getting less than half the amount of sleep I’m used to, I’m feeling pretty defeated. It seems like every time I start to feel really good about the way things are going, we take 10 huge steps backward.

The same thing goes for Bela. Every time I start bragging about how well he’s adjusting to having a baby around, he proves me wrong. The other day I left him out of his kennel while Emerson and I returned a movie. I came home to find he had pooped on the changing pad in Emme’s room (ironic and funny yet frustrating). I honestly don’t know if he’s telling me he’s upset or if he just really had to go and thought that was an appropriate place.

Maybe this blog entry will reverse-psych my life back into order. For now, I am just going to accept the fact that dry eyes, a sore throat and achy body are my new reality and hope for the best!


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    We are in the same boat in our household! Walker was sleeping through the night from 4-6 months and has now decided that he's too good for sleep at night. I feel your pain and if you find a solution let me know 🙂

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    It's a relief to know we're not the only ones struggling with this! Other moms tell me their babies are sleeping for 12 hours at a time and it makes me want to cry! Hang in there! I'm sure our time will come!

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    If anyone can handle this craziness, it's you! I know your strength will pull you through. Meanwhile, I'll be sending “SLEEP” thoughts toward Emme, and “QUIT ANNOYING YOUR MOM” thoughts toward Bela.

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