Hallelujah, holy shit!

Even my favorite chair wasn’t comfy this week… While my dreams were nightmare-free the past several nights (huge accomplishment), I still seemed to have a nightmare of a week. Nothing was right… I pulled through to the end only to find myself at work on a Saturday. You’re probably wondering how that could be so bad since I’m sitting here blogging and drinking a vanilla chai, but the idea of sitting at my desk in the dark ‘working’ when I could be at home cuddling with my dog on the couch is very upsetting.

I’ve been tested more times in the past week than I care to discuss but I will share my top 5 takeaways:

    1. Fiance’s aren’t perfect – have a good sense of humor.
    2. Dogs get sick from time to time and keep you awake all night with their puking – get some good carpet cleaner and accept it as excellent preparation for baby (T-6 weeks!).
    3. Even Mac computers aren’t immortal – that’s what the geniuses at the Apple store are for.
    4. Some people are just ignorant and annoying – get some tolerance and learn to deal with it (without rolling the eyes).
    5. Woman who accuses an 8 month pregnant lady of budging in line at the Pizza Ranch buffet….. there is no excuse for that. Who do you think you are?! [/list]

With all that behind me I’m ready to get some work done and enjoy the weekend.

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