Fall 1.0

Our fall season hasn’t gotten off to the greatest start, but we’re looking forward to a fun-filled, virus-expunged second half! You know you’ve got a sick 3-year-old on your hands when she finally opens her eyes at 9 am only to look around for a minute and go back to sleep. We’ve both been plagued by some lingering bronchitis the past several weeks along with some lovely episodes of cough until you gag or worse. Pretty gross for you to read, but really, poor us! We’re missing out on some warm and colorful fall days which are numbered according to the weather man. A few weekends ago, we did manage to start our pumpkin picking — E selected one big, beautiful, orange punkin’ and a tiny little white punkin’, plus there are a few leftovers from her birthday party that we had planned to paint but ran out of time (we gave them out as favors anyway).


We’re particularly excited for Halloween this year as it will be Emerson’s first time trick-or-treating, but the month is going quick and we have some major work to do! Deciding on a costume is 90% of the battle. I thought we were all set on the dogs and Emerson transforming into perfect little angels for the big night… until a conversation we had yesterday that went a little something like this:

E: Mom, I’m going to be a monster for Halloween. What are you going to be?

M: I will be a monster too!

E: You can be Mickey Mouse. I’m going to be a sunset!

And now, my friends, I will be brainstorming ways to create a ‘sunset’ costume while secretly hoping she reverts back to the original ‘angel’ plan which we basically have covered!

That about sums up the lost time in between posts lately. Some early mornings, late nights, sleeping in and a lot of wheezy coughing in between. Way to go, us! We’re taking good measures to get well so trips to the pumpkin patch and the park can fill up our schedule again!

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