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Can I just say how wonderful it is to sit back and watch my friends fall under the spell of my daughter? Thinking back to the ‘pre-mom’ days I am not sure I was quite as outgoing and loving with young children as my friends are with Emerson. Their support throughout the past year has meant the world to me and while many of them are not yet aboard the baby train, I know they will all be outstanding mothers. You know who you are, I love you all!

A very close friend recently moved to Pella; it’s been nothing but a blessing. Not only do we work together but she’s always up for whatever craziness is going on in my household. She cooks some mean dinners, provides entertainment for Emerson and has seemingly unending patience for our lifestyle. Whatever did I do before Katie moved to town?

This past weekend we got a visit from another college buddy, Joyce, who we don’t see near as often as I would like. It felt good to catch up, reminisce, and laugh with friends. We did some relaxing around the house, but also shopped the square, saw some sites and soaked up a beautiful weekend. Thanks for visiting, Joyce!

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    Jealous! But I have big plans in the works for next summer! Miss you!

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