Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! I think I’ve put eyeliner on Emerson more times in the last week than I’ve put on myself in the last 6 months… honestly it’s about the only thing she will let me help her with these days. She woke up Halloween morning and decided at the very last-minute to ditch the Cheetah Girl attire she had laid out in favor of a Dancing Skeleton costume that she assembled on the fly.  I don’t think she could have been any more pleased with herself  for finding a way to wear glow-in-the-dark pajamas to school (her favorite).


After school we performed yet another costume change that satisfied my need for something Disney; although, it took some convincing because she thought it looked like a baby costume. Once she realized Minnie Mouse wore makeup she was more than happy to humor me. ‘Hocus Pocus’ played in the background while we decked her out in pink and white before meeting up with her bestie from school to do some trick-or-treating. The girls had an absolute blast giggling up and down the streets and I loved having company as well! They were so fast I don’t think I got a single photo that wasn’t blurry — sure sign of a fun night! Next we were not tricked but treated to dinner at Gaga’s house where we finished watching Hocus Pocus and called it a Halloween night!

halloween-6 halloween-7 halloween-8 halloween-10 halloween-1-1 halloween-12Last Thursday night Emerson put together the cutest little cheetah costume I ever did see and we went to a kids’ Halloween party at a new event center in town. The venue was filled with Halloween spirit as far as the eye could see. It was such a popular event I felt like we could have been waiting for a Disney World attraction (the line was long, people). Even so, it was great to see so many cute kids dressed up and I always love to see the creative costumes people come up with each year.

halloween-1 halloween-2 halloween-3 halloween-4


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