Go Emme, It’s Your Birthday!

There are just too many awesome things about turning 5! Forget about nap time — you get to start school, your brain is exploding with knowledge, you make new friends, you can refill your cup all by yourself since you can now reach the water dispenser, you invent and create party machines and alphabet games, you make your own sandwiches, animals and art are still your passions, you’re very serious about keeping up with sweeping the leaves off the deck, your self-confidence and independence are growing by the day, but you still love to sneak in bed with me every night for a good snuggle.

IMG_7560We celebrated the birthday girl this year with a few of our closest friends and family leading up to the big 5 year milestone. I swear I barely saw her the entire afternoon while she zoomed around with her sweet cousins whom she absolutely adores. I was in heaven with our house full of people I also adore!

IMG_2429 IMG_2400 IMG_2398 IMG_2396 IMG_2414

It was a beautiful day to gather together and finally the long-awaited suspense of the big sleepover with her favorite daycare pal had finally come to its peak.  It was an intense couple of hours including cake, gifts, piñata, forts, movie, and pizza that they experienced sleepover bliss before calling it a night.

IMG_2403 IMG_2456 IMG_2459 IMG_2438 IMG_2476 IMG_2480 IMG_2474 IMG_2467

Year five is off to a great start and I couldn’t be more proud of this sweet, smart, silly girl!

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