I Made a Garden!

Another weekend almost gone, but we have a crib to show for it! Baby’s room is well underway and ready for some show-and-tell! I’m eagerly awaiting the dresser and handmade crib bumper/skirt a la Grandma Deb. It’s hard to put stuff away when it’s all so cute. I wish it could be displayed forever but unfortunately I still have a pile of things to shove into the closet somehow… baby E.E. is already very spoiled! Loved spending some time with my parents yesterday and looking forward to a visit from Nic’s parents this evening for a belated birthday celebration.  Here we go — week 38!

Baby's Room Baby's Room Baby's Room

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    Love it!!! I can't believe how quickly your due date is approaching!

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    It's crazy and I'm so ready!

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