It’s Saturday and Emerson is taking her morning nap.  After going 2 weeks without our computer I’m uninspired to do anything outside of catching up the blog and surfing the web! Once again, it’s snowing outside and I would be happy not to leave the house at all this weekend. We’re looking forward to some big changes in the coming month! My princess will be 6 months old next week! The time has come for her to start daycare. I’m thrilled to have put it off as long as we did and I know her dad treasured the time they had together while she was just a wee one. As important as that was to each of us, we’re both relieved to be falling into a more regular schedule. Of course there will be pro’s and con’s to the new arrangement, but in time I think we’ll all adjust. Nic has one last week to spend with her and we’re hoping for some nice weather!


In the past month we’ve been working on introducing rice cereal into her diet. She’s more interested in taking the spoon out of my hand than eating the cereal. While she loves the challenge of something new I’m not so sure she likes the actual taste.


Teeth are coming! Soon! I can see them pushing against her poor little gums. Every morning I wake up hoping the Tooth Fairy visited in the night. I’m also hoping she’ll sleep more soundly once they finally appear. On a good night she’s asleep by 9 pm and awake around 4 am. I look forward to her waking up because that’s our cuddle time until I have to get up for work.


Favorite things update: She’s really into both her singing puppies and anything with flashing lights. We always travel with Sophie the Giraffe – every baby needs one of these! Her most favorite favorite thing is still the Johnny Jumper. She’s a crazy girl when she gets into this thing and will sing, talk, and shriek with delight for hours. She also enjoys her Bumbo chair and is very close to sitting up on her own.


Of all the things I have to be excited about, I can’t wait for Emerson and Bela to become besties! Bela is always fighting for our attention but I know that in time he will see Emme as a playmate instead of his nemesis. Emerson is still obsessed with his every move and soon enough he’ll trust her enough to let her get a little closer.       DSCF3004

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