Love-ly Little Miss

Lots of love to you on Valentine’s Day!IMG_1565

Emerson and I enjoyed a very nice Valentine’s Day weekend at home with Papa and Gaga! I think we woke up to more and more snow every day this week so a snuggly weekend at home was the perfect recipe for a sweet V-day. E’s day started at school where she got to hand out her fun glow-stick valentines; she loved them so much she cried (a lot) when I told her they were for her friends. She felt a lot better about it when she saw all the cool treats her friends brought her!


Earlier in the week Emerson got a great surprise when the mailman brought her lots of mail! She was thrilled to receive cards and a box filled with fudge and sun catchers from her Dad, Grandma ‘B-nette’ and Grandpa!IMG_1454 IMG_1438

Friday night she came home to heart-shaped strawberry cakes and fun gifts from me and Gaga! Can you believe my mom had a stash of Lisa Frank stationery hidden away from the 90’s… maybe not that farfetched knowing her. Emerson literally thought it was the best thing ever! I put together a little goodie bag of ladybug stickers, silly-straw cup, and Tangled which we’ve watched several times by now — anything to keep her happy until Frozen comes out on video (I’m also growing impatient)!IMG_1501 IMG_1499 IMG_1518 IMG_1525 IMG_1520 IMG_1530

While I love telling my favorite Little Miss “I love you” an extra 100 times on Valentine’s day, what I love even more is hearing it back! She’s always putting a new spin on the phrase saying, “I love you more often!” Or ” I love ya more than the whole wide world!” Sometimes I even get to hear, “You’re my most favorite mom!” Music to my ears!IMG_1577

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