Memorial Daze

Memorial Day weekend signifies many different things to many different people: nationally we honor those who served and died in the U.S. military; locally it represents the beginning of summer tourism and the opening of seasonal restaurants and shops; and for our family this year it was our send-off for my youngest sister who moved across the country. Emerson was excited all week to spend some quality time with her aunties. We took advantage of Mimi’s last day with tons of girl-time including snuggles and a special shopping trip to adopt the newest member of our family: Shelly the hermit crab.




Memorial Day itself was threatened by rain resulting in a cancelled parade and therefor a trip to the Pizza Ranch arcade. Nothing brings family together like a competitive game of Ms. Pac-Man!



Finally the weekend came to an end after a quiet night of beach-combing and hotdogs on the beach.



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