New Theme, What’s New?

If there’s one thing I’m notorious for, it’s switching up my blog, and when I say ‘switch it up’ what I really mean is change it completely. I’ve always had a hard time defining exactly what I wanted it to be and it’s a good thing I keep it up for my own enjoyment and not much else beyond that…. although I do get a kick out of people reading it (thanks for hanging in there with me!) and my hopes are that one day Emerson will get a kick out of reading it too. Several things have been pushing me in the direction of an overall simplification. First, I wanted to streamline the process I go through to create each post and keep the site up-to-date, secondly I wanted it to be more user-friendly — more scrolling/less clicking, and finally I wanted the content to really shine! So here we are with a brand-new look and feel that I hope is here to stay… at least for a little while! Also, I just love whales, aren’t they the best?

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.32.51 AM

As a minimalist-loving designer, I loved this stripped-down theme and I hope you do as well! Most of what appears on your screen is reserved for content and you’ll find all of the old navigation hiding in the pop-out menu to the left. I hope you find beauty in simplicity as much as I do! Feeling so fresh and clean!

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I enjoy keeping track of my daughter, who is the sunshine to my cloudy days, with this blog. This is my chronicling of life into the unknown: the joy I find and lessons learned along the way!

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