Oh My, October!

So long, October!  It came. It went. It’s over! We really enjoyed this past month and all its beautiful fall glory! Here’s a quick re-cap made possible by leftover Halloween candy and a giant bowl of candy corn.

Emerson kept me guessing with a wide range of interests as of late. From bugs, to dress-up, to collages, you never can tell what she’ll be interested in day-to-day. She managed to capture two tiny katydids while playing outside one afternoon — Roxy and Squirt. They survived a few days in their new habitat before their demise followed by quite a few intense discussions about life and death…. we’ll be keeping ‘pets’ to a minimum after this ordeal.  E must really know how to think like an insect because she also lured a honey bee into her bug box with an apple slice. This time we observed and released the critter because sometimes when you love something you have to let it go….. life lessons learned on the daily.

Dressing up for her friends just in case they stop over is another favorite past-time. She wants to look like a princess at all times and is ready for guests at the drop of a hat — glad we made that special shopping trip for sparkly lipstick a few weekends ago. She also prefers to have the house decorated with Mardi Gras beads and I’m constantly removing necklaces and bracelets from drawer pulls and chair backs.

The month was gorgeous start to finish and we tried to get out and play in the leaves on a few occasions. Papa helped us carve a pumpkin — a job I have no problem with enlisting extra hands for. I love the idea of it, but my fragile little hands are just not cut out for all that scraping / slicing / sawing. My dad does a great job and was all ears when E requested another silly looking Jack ‘o lantern.  For the second year in a row Em wanted to be a witch for Halloween. Her costume from last year still fit so we added a green hat/wig combo and called it good! She was thrilled to wear her costume to school and do a little trick-or-treating and slide riding at Boji Bay before going to her dad’s for the weekend where I was told she transformed into a beautiful pizza-eating angel 🙂


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