Ready, Set, January!

If January sets the pace for the rest of the year, it’s certain to go fast! Already this year we’ve had an extended weekend in Iowa City at Meggie and Mimi’s and got to spend time with our friends Courtney and Andy who came all the way from sunny California (don’t mind the 100 degree temperature difference, no joke!)!


Emerson had a fun (belated Christmas) playdate with her friend Bremer, and they discovered a mutual love for trains, tea parties, and jumping!IMG_1295 IMG_1292

Instead of wishing away our freezing winter weather and only thinking ahead to spring, I’ve been trying to embrace the days and make the most of the month. Last weekend Emerson and I woke up determined to get outside and play in the snow! After some hot pancakes (and coffee) to get us moving, we layered on some warm clothing and set out to build a snowman.. Well, we had every intention until I realized her winter gear was in several different locations… snow pants trapped at daycare, snow boots far away at her dad’s house…. this wasn’t happening. When we glanced outside and noticed how cold and windy it was, Emerson had no trouble finding other things to do inside the warm and cozy house.WinterBluesIMG_1332

After several busy weekends away from home, it was fun to just hang out at home for a few days. We played all day and all night, then finally made it to see Frozen at the theater which Emerson loved and has been asking to see again and again ever since. She was on the edge of her seat nibbling Reese’s Pieces and narrating the movie (loudly) while Papa laughed out-loud at the snowman character and I ate popcorn like a starving maniac. I totally can’t wait to do it again!PlaytimeIMG_1302

Let’s not forget my baby boy turned 7 this month! Happy Birthday, Bela!IMG_1283

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