Saturday in the Park

The end of a great birthday week!IMG_0755

Saturday was a blustery yet beautiful day to celebrate Emerson’s birthday in Spirit Lake. We gathered family and friends at Memorial Park for a pizza picnic and outdoor fun. After temps in the 90’s for most of the past week, a 70 degree day felt almost chilly! A low-key party in the park was the perfect mix of food and fun for E and her guests. Did I mention Emerson specifically requested a ‘Black and White’ themed party? For several months she stuck to her guns and insisted on a black and white cake (chocolate with white frosting) and white balloons. She also helped with the menu and chose pizza, fruit, and lollipops for her guests. This girl is low-maintenance! I hope I have at least a few years before she finds out about Pinterest.

Even this no-fuss get-together was up to her standards which reminded me it’s really the people who make the party! We are so so grateful for everyone who came out to see us and absolutely made E’s day!

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We left the park just as it started to sprinkle. Back at home, I cleaned up my frosted and sticky girl and we opened family gifts. Thanks, everybody!

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