Snip, Snip!

We’ve come to a major milestone in girl-world, everybody…. Emerson’s first haircut! For as long as I can remember she’s been pretty stubborn about wanting to grow her hair “to her feet like the fairies.” I finally convinced her that maybe a little trim would be a good idea in order to maintain good hair health. She agreed and skeptically joined me for a very quick trip to the salon. The expression on her face which did not change for her entire visit says it all, “I’m nervous about this but curious enough to let you come at me with those scissors.” She definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was all over and she saw that the overall length of her locks was not much shorter from before her haircut. And because we were all so attached to that wispy original baby hair, a few strands came home with us to be treasured indefinitely.FirstHaircut1 FirstHaircut2 FirstHaircut3 FirstHaircut4 FirstHaircut5

Thanks, Tammy at Bombazi Salon!

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