So Long Summer

We’re well into August and I think it’s time to say good-bye to summer and hello to fall. From my lack of posts these past few months its safe to assume one of two things: #1 I’ve been way too busy to think about blogging; or #2 This summer was way too dull to blog about. Of course it’s #1. Between moving, painting, unpacking, work and freelance, plus fitting in some fun here and there (plenty of it) it’s been one crazy summer. There’s been one other set-back I like to call the case of the missing camera. Of all the random items I misplaced in our move, the camera has to be the most annoying. Without the trusty smart phone I would actually be forced to look for it. Soooo… here’s my attempt at recapping some of our summer highlights, or at least the ones with accompanying visuals in a big fat photo dump. Cheers to another great summer in Okoboji!

IMG_2912 IMG_2923 IMG_2925 IMG_2929 IMG_2937 IMG_2946 IMG_2969 IMG_2976 IMG_2983 IMG_2985 IMG_2996 IMG_3039 IMG_3079 IMG_3122 IMG_3128 IMG_3131 IMG_3137 IMG_3154 IMG_3267 IMG_3308 IMG_3316 IMG_3320 IMG_3359 IMG_3411 IMG_3413 IMG_3431 IMG_3437 IMG_3444 IMG_3446 IMG_3451 IMG_3454 IMG_3458 IMG_3494 IMG_3502 IMG_3507 IMG_3521 IMG_3596

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