So. Much. Mess.

Did the toys get wet? Did somebody feed the stuffed animals after midnight? I think they’re multiplying! I’m amazed at how easy it is to forget just how much stuff has accumulated until it’s all sitting in a pile staring you in the face. The speed at which this pile-up is accomplished is equally as amazing.IMG_1451

Let’s rewind. After breakfast Sunday morning, Emerson contentedly played in her room while I reluctantly worked in my room (putting away laundry and prepping for taxes). When I checked in on her the first time, what I found was too cute to forget. It appeared to me that Emerson was watching her babies watch a movie. Awwwwww!IMG_1414

What felt like moments later, I came back to snap another shot of my sweet little angel and her babies. I was surprised to find this instead…IMG_1438 Apparently sitting in the smallest toy bin wasn’t cutting it. She managed to empty the big bin and climb inside but it proved a little more difficult to climb out of due to its size.  Once I freed her, she abandoned the stuffed toys for her most precious and favorite trinkets and treasures. I think she has a fear of leaving them in one place for too long as someone might catch on to their location.IMG_1448 IMG_1450Sometimes the best kind of day is spent in pajamas playing up a storm in Emerson’s world, and cleaning up a storm in my world. Without organization, I just can’t.


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I enjoy keeping track of my daughter, who is the sunshine to my cloudy days, with this blog. This is my chronicling of life into the unknown: the joy I find and lessons learned along the way!

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