The Bright Side

While Emerson’s first milestones (rolling-over, crawling, walking…etc) have been very exciting, I find myself equally amazed by the subtle habits she picks up every day.

Top 10 of my favorite Emerson-isms:

10. Holding any object up to her ear and saying, “Hi.”
9. Stepping into Nic’s shoes and attempting to walk around.
8. Draping household items (belts, socks… anything long and skinny) around her neck as if they were necklaces or scarves.
7. Putting the bathmat in the tub while I’m getting the water ready.
6. Pointing to every picture hanging on the wall while “oohing” as we walk by.
5. Saying “baby” when we see kids.
4. Singing “Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh!” in the car while I’m singing along with the radio.
3. Following Bela around with his toys until he finally will play with her.
2. Desperately trying to do things herself: using a spoon, brushing her hair, putting on shoes.
1. Crawling onto my lap for a good cuddle before she falls asleep every night.

Our days fly by and are challenging at times but this list keeps my spirits in the positive spectrum and I hope that is always true.

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