With each new day, I know a little more than the day before. After only 8 short weeks of motherhood the subject matter of the things ‘I Know’ has changed dramatically! It didn’t just happen over night; I definitely remember the moment when I realized I had really gotten to know Emerson. What a magical feeling. In the past, having 7 consecutive weeks off from work would have felt like winning the lottery. Now that it’s finally come and gone I find it’s only a fraction of the time I would have liked. Each day of baby vacation was measured in more ways than I can count – number of dirty diapers, ounces of formula, hours of sleep, phone calls home… etc. Even with such tedious accounting, the lazy mornings and sleepless nights have all run together and I find myself back at work already. In attempt at hanging on to maternity leave a little longer, I’m going to highlight some of our adventures over the past 2 months…

Emerson’s first trip to Okoboji and Humboldt (2-3 Weeks Old)


Many fantastic visitors (4-6 Weeks Old)

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 48 weeks since this adventure began and even harder to believe that I’ve kept track of each week since then. The concept of time has an entirely new meaning. Emerson is changing so quickly right now and every hour spent at work is an hour of her life I am missing out on. Who knew you could miss something so much? I guess it makes the time we have together that much more valuable. We have a weekend with my parents planned along with Emme’s first Halloween! Should be fun!

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