Toddler Talk

A few of Emerson’s key phrases:


“Oh man!”



“No way, Jose!”

“Help me, please!”

Her thoughts on riding a big airplane for our upcoming vacation:

“I no wanna ride big airplane. I wanna ride OLD airplane.”

“Airplane wait for me, momma?”

“This way, people!” (while pulling an airplane toy around the house)

“I ride airplane to zoo and see donkeys!”

“My cousins ride airplane too!”


She always wakes up with a lot on her mind:

“I see the light (outside)! It’s time to feed me breakfast! Mac ‘n cheese!”

“Wake up, momma! Wanna go to store and buy umbrella.”

“Get up, guys!” (talking to me and Bela) “Time for Barney!”

“Baby bumblebee coming to get me!”


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I enjoy keeping track of my daughter, who is the sunshine to my cloudy days, with this blog. This is my chronicling of life into the unknown: the joy I find and lessons learned along the way!


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    “The airplane is windy! My hair will get messy!”

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    Hahaha! Thanks, Cassidy I love that! I even took a pic of her report-out sheet the day we left for vacay because what you wrote on there was so cute! The airplane craft was awesome too!!

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