Toddler Talk: Vacation Edition

I’ve gotten behind on blogging while giving the site an overhaul…. but vacation posts are overdue so I’ll work through the mess! It’s already been a week since we’ve been home and I’m still feeling vacation ‘hungover’ from all the fun we had. For Emerson’s first ever vacation, she chose to visit her best friend in Houston! After spending an entire week playing, cuddling, and enjoying one another, the separation anxiety is in full-effect. We miss our friends but are so thankful for the time spent with them! It was fun for me to hear Emerson’s thoughts while traveling now that she’s getting so good at expressing herself!

On the airplane (5:45 am)…

[E] We’re up really high, mom!
[M] Not yet, we’re still sitting on the runway. Soon we’ll start moving faster and faster and then the plane with lift-off!
[E] But we’re up really high! Up in the sky!
[M] Nope…. we haven’t moved yet….

Setting foot outside the Houston airport (9:00 am)…

[E] It’s really hot!

After waking up the next morning…

[E] Mom, where’s Texas?
[M] Texas is hundreds of miles south of Iowa.
[E] But where is Texas?
[M] Texas is on the border of Mexico and the gulf.
[E] Where is Texas?
[M] Texas is in the United States of America.
[E] Where is Texas, Mom?!
[M] Ummmmmmmm…..???

Abby’s mom enters the room…

[E] There’s Texas, Mom!
[M] I get it…. Michelle is ‘Texas’!

After waking up from a nap at Abby’s grandparents’ house…

[E] Oh, we’re at this house now? Ok.

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