Turkey Weekend

A few Thanksgiving activities that top my list: family togetherness, sisterly fun, Em’s favorite games, manicures, coffee with friends, shopping, and a movie date!IMG_4999

Thanksgiving this year was by far, the most low-key, laid-back, stress-free holiday I have ever been part of…. and it was amazing! A few family members were not feeling up to par this year, and the rest of us just felt like hanging out so we skipped the big meal Thanksgiving day in favor of my famous spaghetti and a lot of time to play with Emerson, watch movies, and squeeze in a few turkey-themed crafts.

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It was so glorious to spend time together as a family without any stress over meal preparations or waste of precious time in a turkey coma. Meghan and I got a wild hair, or should I say feather, that evening and decided to join in on some Black Friday shopping. Let’s just say there’s a first for everything and, in this case, a last. The whole idea of running around a store with a pack of crazies is so bizarre to me when you can get the same thing accomplished online in your pj’s…. maybe it was created for adrenaline junkies? Or maybe to burn off some pumpkin pie calories? In any case, it wasn’t for us.


On Friday, after a day of R&R, we did have a more traditional holiday meal but with a twist – turkey pot pie, cranberries, rolls, and cheesy potatoes. Per tradition, we held hands at the dinner table sharing what we were most thankful for before diving in to our Thanksgiving meal. I am humbled every day by the generous and loving people in my life. While I have so much work to do in showing that appreciation, I was secretly thankful that, much like myself, my dad gets uncomfortable in serious situations (like this) and lightened the mood with what I like to call a healthy dose of TMI. Emerson has been sharing with me her list of ‘thanks’ for the past few weeks and over time has included everything under the sun, including the sun itself. Here’s a brief sample and some of my favorites among her list: the grass, animals, garbage can trucks, Bela, the road, crayons, her friends at preschool, chocolate, and rocks. Sounds like a great list to me!  Speaking of lists, the only items on her Santa wishlist are rocks… this girl!



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