Typical Naber Girl

I am totally wishing this was my day job… After watching America’s Next Top Model last night, Emerson wanted to have a photo shoot. It’s no surprise that she’s already figured out how to fit right in with our family. We had a slight wardrobe malfunction thanks to over excitement too soon after eating but it didn’t seem to slow her down. She’s definitely ready to have her two month baby pics taken this weekend; I think she deserves a new hat!

DSCF2463 DSCF2474 DSCF2476 DSCF2477

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    Looks like she loves a good had just like her Momma!

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    Ok, I might have had one too many margaritas at dinner. What I MEANT to type was looks like she loves a good HAT. Oye. Two for one margaritas, can you blame a girl?

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