Wet and Wild

We finally had the perfect afternoon free to set up the pool Emme got for her birthday last year (thanks, Smiths!). She never quite found the courage to actually get inside of it, but the sprinkler feature was a hit! We took turns running through the water and dipping our toes until E was ready for some relaxation and a snack in the shade. Our time spent outside wouldn’t be complete without finding a great stick and ‘tending’ to the plants. DSCF5222 DSCF5223 DSCF5227 DSCF5229 DSCF5233 DSCF5234 DSCF5240 DSCF5232 DSCF5248 DSCF5246 DSCF5243 DSCF5252

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    Love that she can find her belly button even in her swim suit!!! Hilarious 🙂

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