Winter Re-cap


Now that spring is well underway I better fill in some blanks! The year has already gone far too quickly but we’re excited to gear up for a fun summer which is finally on the horizon. Our winter was pretty quiet and we took advantage by hibernating indoors for the most part. We did get out to play in the snow a few times to burn off some energy and leave baggies of nuts on the deck to feed the animals (E’s brain child). After a few months a blue jay was finally bold (hungry) enough to peck through the bag and steal each peanut one-by-one. Success! Our house is now surrounded by peanut shells!

So, to catch this thing up, here are a few more things that went on this winter…

Valentine’s Day! I get way more enthused about making Valentines than Em does, but she did help with the Valentine box that we decorated for her to take to school.  We would have liked to have had the time to build a castle, but I think she was satisfied when we settled on a cardboard puppy instead.



Play dates! Emerson and her main man, Bremer, got together to play on a few occasions. This pair cracks me up constantly. My favorite was when Brem called to invite us over for dinner one night and the two of them talked over one another on the phone for a solid 5 minutes. Phone etiquette? What phone etiquette?


Dress-up! Em’s love of accessories grows stronger by the day. It makes me feel especially good when I go the extra mile to wear jewelry and she compliments me all day long!




Art works! Cutting, taping, coloring, collaging,  painting…. these may be her true loves in life with nature coming in at a close second.





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